13. oktober: Men sensuren var ikke død…. Seminar med Fritt ord om sensur og tekstskaping

Fredrik Wandrup om forbudte bøker i norsk kulturhistorie, Magne Lindholm om kronikksjangeren, Ellen Krefting om sensur før og nå.

LNU arrangerer seminar for lærere i samarbeid med Fritt ord: Hvordan få elevene til å skape gode tekster om sensur? Seminaret skal gi bakgrunnskunnskap og motivasjon for å delta i Fritt ord-konkurransen med elevene, men det er ikke noe krav. Seminaret er gratis.

Tid: Fra 09:30- 15:30

Sted: Fritt ords lokaler i Uranienborgveien (bak slottsparken) i Oslo.

Meld deg på her: http://frittordkonkurransen.no/for-laerere/


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    matt – thanks, I thought it was a pretty cool idea too. As for my mom – she called me up last night and told me she was not at all happy with me for posting that picture. What can I say – sometimes pictures say more than words can.

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    Great looking oven Al and Raine, love the side counter and storage! These ovens are so versatile. I just cooked a pork shoulder (low and slow) in mine the other day for pulled pork sandwiches. Your food looks great!Happy baking and cooking!Steve

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    Yum! I like how you called it a hug in a mug! I am totally a hot chocolate in the morning kinda gal – that 5 minutes of just me curled up on the couch with some rich and sweet deliciousness helps me face the rest of the day. I’ll definitely be trying this recipe out.

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    My ex was NEVER home for the kids, and I mean NEVER. Once I left him, he had his girlfriend pick up right where I left an empty spot…he moved his girlfriend in to cook, clean and care for the kid. Pathetic. God forbid he actually be a dad.

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    Ooo! I love this post. My main character is a "just" person, and you gave me a brilliant idea, turn her into "a meek or wallflower-type person who is compelled to stand up for what's right?" She was standing up for what's right, but not in the "right" way. Now she will. Love it!

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